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Leavin on a jet plane ✈️

I LOVE to travel! For a long time now I’ve made it my goal to travel at least once a month!

This is the first year that I will pretty much have met that goal!

I started this year out right at the ocean in Florida with my wonderful family and have been every where all over our country since!

Most of my travel has been for work and it’s definitely come with some adjustments to my health routine!

So, sitting here waiting for the coffee shop in the hotel to open before jumpin on a jet plane back to my boys, I thought I would share some tips that have helped me be successful in my travels!

  1. I always make sure I have my supplements. I spend peaceful time thinking through the supplements that I normally take and then having supportive resources that are maybe not in the daily regiment.

  2. LMNT - these are my favorite electrolytes- flying is SOOO dehydrating … I will dump a packet into my water and make it a point to drink my whole 32 ounce nalgene

  3. Which leads me to my next tip.. the water I choose! Distilled water is by far the best thing to drink. The next business purchase I make will be a counter distiller - my go to brands at the airport are smart water if it’s available or life water

  4. I pack my own snacks - airport food is expensive and not the best sourced - my go to snacks are beef sticks from paleovalley and Lara bars! They are easy to toss in my bag with LMNT and go!

  5. I almost forgot! When I travel especially for work I extremely limited my alcohol intake! It produces toxins that stress and already internally stressful experience!

There’s a probably a lot more I’m not thinking of that have just become my routine but those are a few this year in particular that have served me well!

What are some of your go to travel tips that make adventures a little less stressful on your body?

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