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How It All Works

Learn a little about our philosophy and how Thin Line Consulting operates.

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I am not a doctor.

I don't diagnose, and I don't treat your diagnosis. I do, however, believe that when we coach down or decrease the internal and external stressors and coach up or increase our vital functions ...

The body heals itself. 

You are more resilient than you realize!

We discuss all of you.

I review your personal life experience and combine it with functional lab data to identify healing opportunities.

We set and achieve goals.

I eliminate the cycle of trial and error for motivated clients.

We work together to identify your health goals

We walk out the plan together!

I am in your corner and on your team!

I utilize the DRESS protocol.

I treat nothing specifically; rather, I help you treat everything non-specifically utilizing the DRESS protocol.

Diet - data-driven nutrition planning.

Rest - restoring sleep cycles.

Exercise - for the purpose of healing.

Stress Reduction - functional lab data to identify hidden stressors in your body and coaching to navigate external stressors.

Strategic Supplementation - stop wasting money, know what you're taking, why you're taking it, how long you should take it.

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