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The data doesn’t lie!

I am a nerd! 😁

One of my favorite parts of the work I do is reading and interpreting lab data!

It makes the healing journey tangible and real!

Running labs sets up a baseline and gives direction for things like supplements and which vital function needs the most attention right now!

Since I started my practice in 2020 I’ve been drinking from a firehose when it comes to understanding the body and what the lab data means!

It’s fun 😁

For example one of the labs I love running is called the Organic Acids Panel and in the process of learning this ins and outs of this lab I got to learn about this thing called the tryptophan steal!

I won’t bore you with the deep dive of it all but it’s a process that ultimately comes back to lifestyle issues!



Gut health



It’s amazing to me that when I nerd out in the trenches of functional health, it takes me back to the basics.

I know not everyone is in a place to run the labs both financially and mentally. And that's ok! There is still a lot of healing that can and does happen with lifestyle changes!

Things like eliminating gluten, corn, soy, dairy - processed foods, sugar, alcohol

Adding in things like whole organic foods, nutrient dense fruits and veggies, grass fed and grass finished meat!

Cleaning up the bedtime routine and getting out in the sun first thing in the morning!

Taking a walk, doing some yoga, lifting some weights

Deep breathing, setting boundaries, going to counseling

All things that do NOT require labs :)

That being said.....

The labs really don’t lie. They bring data and a direction to what vital functions need attention. The data removes ambiguity and forces us to deal with the choices we’ve been making and the state of our function or dys-function.

When your faced with the reality of say leaky gut and leaky brain, or mold toxicity, or parasites, or bacterial overgrowth, or… you get the point.

It’s humbling and requires change. Change can be scary, and hard, and always comes at a price. Change can also be an adventure into the great unknown.

When you've been sick for a long time, labs can give amazing direction! I know they did for me! In my healing journey, both mental and physical, labs have played a vital role in getting me moovin and groovin!

If you have not run labs and your ready to let me know! I would love to connect and get YOU moovin and groovin :)

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Sara you are amazing I had the labs done back in March 2022 by you and I didn’t want to do the work and haven’t felt great until I figured out the same thing last week.I’m finally paying attention to what you have taught me and watching what my labs told me to eat and avoid and I am finally feeling better and losing stubborn weight so if you can get the labs run by Sara she’s been right all along I wish I would of been more disciplined right away ,she has also helped my husband lower his Glucose and A1C there is hope start now to take care of yourself! Thank you Sara!

Sara Pagel
Sara Pagel
Oct 07, 2022
Replying to

Mama B you are amazing! Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you are feeling better! Love ya!

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