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Positive Feedback

We have THE BEST clients and we are proud to share their testimonials!

Jess R.

"Sara has the heart of a teacher, the mind of a detective, and invests fully her knowledge and experience in every encounter with me. Sara’s philosophy of “test, don’t guess” means you’ll get a personalized, actionable protocol.

Over the past few months I’ve been working with Sara, I’ve experienced gut and digestive healing I really never thought would happen. We’ve highlighted some root causes, and worked through a targeted protocol that reaps benefits for me."

Sean B.

“I’ve been working with Sara for the last 15 months and my experience has been excellent. Prior to working with her, I was taking a daily anti-anxiety pill and at times, anxiety was affecting my ability to live to the best of my abilities.

Thanks to a food sensitivities test, altering my diet, many sessions, and multiple rounds of supplements I’ve never felt better. I’ve lost weight and was able to stop taking my daily pill all while my anxiety has been under total control. Amazing and well worth my time and money. Sara gives you the tools and if you do the work, you will see positive results!"

Christa H.

"Sara was very warm and friendly and open to all of my questions. She was happy to answer any questions I had and we had a long in-depth conversation that made me feel comfortable working with her."

Dan S.

“Meeting with Sara was super helpful! We were really just looking for help finding medical people to help with different issues, and it was great to find out that she could actually help sort out all of the things we have going on."

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