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Collaboration Makes the World Go 'Round

Everyone that really knows me knows that I break up with Ohio in February. Generally speaking the weather is not unbearable through December and my birthday is in January, but by the time February rolls around I usually hit my breaking point with the cold and grey.

I am a water and sun baby! So to this end, I break up with Ohio and chase the sun :) Typically to Florida or the Carolina Coast. This year, the love of my life took me to Cancun, Mexico and we stood in the sun together!

It. Was. Awesome

(minus the new parasite I brought home with me, more about that another time ;)

I got to stand in the sun, eat yummy food, play in the sea, and breath deeply. Leaning into rest is something I have to choose to do, and during this week I was able to dig into what I want Thin Line Consulting to focus on in 2023.

One of my collaborators actually inspired me to have a theme word for each year, a trend I intend to keep (the infamous and badass Moe from Moetivations, Maureen Dieckman you inspire!)

During my week in the sun it was solidified that my theme for 2023 is


I've recently come to understand about myself that my skill set really lies in seeing people, being efficient at specific things, and sharing what i've learned with others. I come alive when i'm invited into someone's story and given permission to draw out their best.

This is a major reason why one on one health coaching is so freaking fun and life giving for me! Walking with my clients as they have their "ah ha" moments and healing breakthroughs - sheesh it's such a rush!

Part of realizing where my skills lie has been understanding what i'm not good at! When you start a business by yourself it is just you, yourself, and well... you! It's impossible to be good at all the things and let me assure you allllllll the insecurities come to the surface when you tie your wellbeing to a business venture. It took me a while to fully own that marketing...not my jam, finances... let's just say i'm deeply thankful for my husband (he's pro at this) and my financial advisor (she's a diamond!)

I've also come to realize that I work best when i'm "with" others. Now, don't get me wrong, they have to be the right other people, and i've learned a lot over the past few years what makes a collaborative relationship strong and healthy, but there is something delightful when collaborative energy starts to flow. Creative and mountain moving ideas are born when there is synergy!

I've been REALLY lucky to link arms with a few different collaborators since I started Thin Line Consulting! Some are new friends others are old, and all of them are stellar! Some have inspired new programs (The Full Moon Parasite Cleanse and Get Your Gut In Gear), while others have inspired game changing conversations (911derwomen and within the trench).

I'm really excited to see what 2023 has in store. While I am an introvert, (those closest to me might say a hardcore introvert......and they are not wrong... ;) I do know that I do best when i'm with my people. So be on the lookout throughout the year as new and exciting collaborations are released! My goal is ultimately to make an impact and create opportunities for you to move forward in your healing journey!

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