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One on One Health Coaching

I first encountered my Functional Health Practitioner in 2011. I did not (and should have) onboard with him. I used finances as my excuse, but truthfully I was not desperate enough! 

It was not until 2016 after I got VERY sick and hit road blocks with Dr's, that I went back and FINALLY got onboard with my Functional Practitioner! 

Through Functional labs and a lot of time, energy, and effort, I am beyond thrilled to the healthiest version of myself yet! 

I am excited to translate my education, practical experience, and personal health journey into actions steps YOU can take to reclaim health and vitality!

If you are ready to get moovin and groovin in your healing journey, below are two ways to work one to one with me! When you are ready, jump on my calendar and let's get you living the healthiest version of you!

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Phoenix Vitality: Health Coaching

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you believe there may be something more going on in your body, you're probably right! Phoenix Vitality is a great way to identify healing opportunities through functional lab testing, unique protocols for what is happening in YOUR body, and one on one health coaching designed to educate and equip you on how to listen and respond to the information your body is giving you! 

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Intentionally Move Forward


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you ready to dive in and get some baseline information and move forward in your health journey? Then this is an excellent option for you!

What you'll get:

3 Core Labs 

GI Map - The Poooo test​

DUTCH Stress and Hormone Panel

MRT Food Sensitivies

Deep dive assessments to organize your experience

12 one on one sessions

Unlimited access via text and email

Discount on Supplements


All-In Transformation


Are you ready to take back control of your health? Are you ready and willing to do the work necessary to reclaim your optimal health and genetic potential? This is the right place for you! I love working with highly motivated people I can invest in for the long term.

What's included get:

5 Core Labs

Organic Acids Panel​

GI Map

MRT Food Sensitivites

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Dutch Stress and Hormone Panel 

Deep dive assessments to organize your experience

18 one on one sessions

Unlimited access via text and email

Discount on Supplements

Phoenix Vitality: Health Coaching: Services

Not ready for one on one, THAT'S OK! 

Check out these action steps you can take today to continue moving forward in your healing journey!

MRT Food Sensitivities Program

Jump Start Your Health!

Do you feel like you fight with food? I know I did for YEARS! The game changer for me was the MRT Food Sensitivities Lab from Oxford Biomedical Technologies.

What you'll get:

  • This lab uses patented technology to test the reactivity of our white blood cells to determine sensitivity to 170 different foods, spices, and chemicals.

  • The lab report comes jam-packed with amazing information and meal plans to cut out the foods that YOUR body thinks is toxic. 

  • Learn which foods your body really likes and needs.

  • Implementing these food suggestions will result in more energy and less inflammation.

  • You'll also get two (2) one-on-one sessions (to review your results and create a plan to effectively reunite with food).

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Going gluten free course.png

Going Gluten Free Course $25

If you have been told gluten free is the way to go but feel overwhelmed with where and how to start, this class is for you!

When you start to realize that gluten is everywhere it can feel daunting to even know what to do first. In this class you will learn:

  • what gluten actually is,

  • where its found, and

  • why it’s detrimental to your health.

We will also cover how to

  • effectively start changing your lifestyle

  • strategies for maintaining a gluten free lifestyle

Freedom Neurofeedback

Train your brain, change your life!

Take your brain to the gym and work it out!
• promotes a clear mind and improves focus
• promotes the brain’s capacity to recover quickly from difficulties
• promotes a healthy and balanced nervous system
• promotes relaxation and a sense of calm

This is my favorite version of brain magic!
I am so pumped to be collaborating with with Kristin at Freedom Neurofeedback to bring this awesome resource to my first responder family! 

Phoenix Vitality: Health Coaching: Services

Sara is a unique contributor in the wellness conversation, taking an holistic approach to providing health and wellness services to the community.  With a variety of options at different price points, and a willingness to adapt to the needs of you or your agency, She will meet you where you are, and help you move forward! If you or your agency is ready to take some practical action steps to reclaim health and vitality, jump on her calendar today!

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