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Attitude of gratitude… changes my brain?!


There’s been such an interesting wave of positive self talk and changing the story we tell ourselves (all of which is think is generally good).

The more I learn about the brain and experience happiness in my own life the more I understand why changing the story we tell ourselves and practicing gratitude really matters!

You see there is this amazing thing called neuroplasticity

Big word I know but in real people terms it’s basically brain growth - or the brains ability to change and rewire the connections that are made.

This is so hope filled to me as a trauma survivor. That the trauma I have experienced throughout my lifetime, while it has absolutely created what I like to call trauma brain, does not have to make my choices for me.

That I can make choices everyday to heal the damage created by life on life’s terms.

I find myself profoundly grateful for this truth, and feel deeply responsible to take care with the choices I make daily.

So back to this whole brain growth thing….

Did you know:

  • Expressing gratitude and changing the story we tell ourselves

  • Exercising

  • Eating healthy foods and foods that are right for our bodies

  • Connecting with friends and family

  • Using both your left and right side of your brain (think brushing your teeth with your non dominant hand)

  • Decreasing the stressors on our brain - aka leaky brain

Are all ways to increase your neuroplasticity!

So many simple and easy daily choices we can make to support our brain and keep it sharp well into our final years.

My friends! Today in this moment what are you grateful for?

Speak it. Share it.

Lead where you are at home at work with your friends and family.

Do the next right thing for you and choose gratitude.

your brain will grow and you will be much more pleasant to be around 🤣😁

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