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My mouth has a Microbiome??? Whhhaaaaa .....

Shewwwww.... I've had cavities and teeth issues my whole life! Chalk it up to being a lil stress cortisol baby instead of a happy little serotonin baby...more on that another time

My teeth really took a hit in the early 2010's... I had multiple cavities a few crowns and was well on my way to needing root canals. I take care of my teeth too!!

Floss every night and brush twice a day. I didn't know until I started learning all this Functional stuff that your mouth is actually the start of you know...

- your digestion


- your microbiome

Makes sense if you think about it ... we chew our food ... get it into smaller "digestible" pieces and we have enzymes and bacteria in our saliva that helps to start the break down process!

I didn't really understand that my cavities were related to the unrelenting assault my gut was under from toxins, bacteria, parasites etc...

Once I started the long journey of healing my gut, the work I was doing daily to keep my teeth healthy started to pay off.

The cavities cleared up and I get an A+ from my dentist on the health of my gums.

Your teeth can actually help you understand what is happening in other parts of your body as well. I had cavities/crowns/root canals in almost every one of my molars - if you take a peak at the pic on the top of this post - the molars are primarily associated with your large/small intestines!

The deeper I get into understanding the ways our body is interconnected the more amazed I am at how many signals I missed along the way! My teeth were trying to tell me that my gut was not ok!

I don't really have cavities anymore, but I am still cleaning up the damage from years of gut dysfunction in my mouth....

So as I sit on my porch running my tongue over the temporary plastic crown waiting for the actual crown to come in next week, i'm reminded of the importance of listening to my body and to keep moving forward in my knowledge so I can UNDERSTAND what my body is telling me.

****Oral health is essential for systemic health***

Some of my favorite oral health go to's are:

- Dentalcidin from biocidin - awesome toothpaste that has SERIOUSLY impacted (in a positive way) my oral microbiome

- Megacidin throat spray - another go to for me especially with travel - it's an anti microbial spore based product that helps provide balance and protection from allll the junk along the way

- Floss picks - i'm CONSTANTLY picking food out of my teeth after eating. Having one of these on hand (I also use straws when i'm out at restaurants) is a great way to prevent decay from starting

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