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Mornings: Me 10 the world nothin!

My dad used to say when his feet hit the ground it was me 10 the world nothin!

What an awesome way to start the morning! If you in fact have that kind of energy!

I spent a lot of years dreading the alarm and looking forward to my afternoon naps!

Adrenal exhaustion - or straight burn out as some call it was my norm off and on throughout the entirety of my adult life.

It took healing my body through consistent hard work and daily choices to truly understand what my dad meant.

Now, most (not all by any means) I wake up in the morning without an alarm, my feet hit the ground, and it truly is me 10 the world nothin!

It took and still takes tremendous intentionality to feel this way and one of the things I’m pretty vigilant about is my morning routine!

So I thought I would share what that looks like 😁

I believe in waking up peacefully so the day can start out … peacefully. I don’t like to feel rushed … I tend to forget things and just generally a stressful morning flows into a stressful day.

I have my morning bathroom routine that involves … you know… not stinky breath and putting my eyes (aka my contacts) in. Followed by my pre prepped morning supplements.

It’s amazing to me how stabilizing just doing these simple things every morning (and evening) makes me feel! There’s a sense of auto pilot in taking care of these basic needs that helps me flow in my day. My priority is to take care of my basic needs first.

From there, most mornings I sit out on the front porch drinking coffee with my love and thinking about what I want/need to accomplish in my day.

Being outside in the fresh air (well…as fresh as Cinci air can be 🤨😶) and sunshine is unbelievably grounding!

Sunshine is a key component of regulating your circadian rhythm! It helps turn down the production of melatonin aka our sleepy hormone and turn up the production of cortisol our awake hormone.

This rhythm is essential for balance throughout our days and nights. If your feeling out of balance because of

Shift work





Insert whatever stressor is happening in your space

A great way to support your wake/sleep cycle is to turn off the tech an hour before bed and as soon as you can in the morning … stand in the sun!

Those are free 😁

So my friends… my hope for you today is that you to wake up feelin you 10 the world nothin! and if that’s not where you are today … that’s ok! Keep making choices everyday that helps to restore balance and energy!

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